Who is Gracie Hays?


She’s an artist. She’s a songwriter. She’s a producer. She’s an audio engineer. She’s a creator.


In her hometown in south Mississippi, Gracie grew up with big dreams. She started playing violin, singing, and performing at 3 years old, when she began her path into music. Gracie has always been the type to do it herself. She wanted to learn every aspect of what goes into creating an album, from start to finish, so she went to Berklee College of music to get a Bachelor of Music in songwriting, music business, and music technology. During this time, she released her debut EP, Guidelines. Following her graduation in 2017, she continued her studies in audio engineering to receive a Master of Music at Berklee’s Valencia, Spain campus. After graduation, and a commencement concert where she performed for over 5,000 audience members, she released her second EP Not for You. Gracie’s most recent release is “I Think I Died”.


Gracie’s goal in life is to live as authentically as possible. She strives to uphold this goal in all areas of her life, especially when creating. Whether it’s producing and mixing someone’s songs, or creating her own, Gracie always wants to stay as true to the artistic vision as possible, while helping it come to life. She hopes to build real relationships her clients, and fans of her own music.


Gracie is currently based in Nashville, TN

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